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Do you want to get an email in your inbox every time someone submits a form, such as a donation, ticket, or signup form? Preferably one with the details of the submitted transaction? Read on!

Some systems allow for notification emails to do that. EveryAction's Online Actions forms do not. Instead, you add your email to a list of people who are BCCed on the donor's confirmation email. Watch this video to see where, and how.


So to recap that's Online Actions > Your Form > (3) Confirmation Page > Confirmation Email > Send Email Confirmation Copy To. I believe you can enter as many as 20 emails in a comma-separated list. A couple of notes:

  • This is an email to the donor. The sender is, and the reply-to address is whatever you've specified on the form. If you reply-all to this email, that reply will also go the donor. So careful with the gloating.

  • As with any email sent by a robot, this email might hit your junk or clutter inbox, or whatever the kids are calling that these days. Hopefully not spam, but maybe.

Enjoy your noisy notification and instant gratification!

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